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Elite talent is tough to find. We enable startups and enterprises
to scale more rapidly and efficiently through access the untapped potential of LATAM.

Software Engineers - Machine Learning Engineers - Data Scientists - Data Engineers

Tech Talent

Scalable Dev

Our recruiters help you hire Latin America's most talented, ambitious engineers

Software Engineers

Core Dev:  Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, Mobile, DevOps, and Gaming

Data Engineers

We will find talent to design, build, and manage your data infrastructure 

Data Scientists

Leverage top talent to analyze and interpret complex datasets to support decision making

ML Engineers

Accelerate your AI Product roadmap with experts who develop & implement ML models 

We Recruit,
You Hire,

You Grow

Local/Nearshore Talent

Successful engineering teams require live communication and collaboration

Whether building software or an AI-driven solution, we know that teams value collaboration and real-time problem solving.  Compared to other offshore developers, LATAM engineers work the same hours as North American tech teams.

Strong Communication Skills

We identify elite, English speaking talent

Yes, engineers across Latin America speak English.  Just as important, shared cultural values across the Americas (including US, Canada) makes scaling a global team a much more smooth process.

Contingent Search

When you win, we win

We are your local recruiting expert in the LATAM markets.  Our fees kick in once you have received value (hired a rock star engineer).


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Check out our AI Podcast

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