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Tesoro AI was founded by Darius Gant – a tech-focused venture capitalist who spent several years investing in high growth software companies based in the United States. Having evaluated and worked alongside more than 100 high potential tech companies, Darius has developed a keen eye for the foundational elements that drive growth and innovation. He recognized that data-driven companies will lead the next generation of growth as artificial intelligence serves as a critical competitive advantage in a world destined for digital transformation.

“Having lived in both Costa Rica and Colombia, I was blown away by the quality of tech talent that has gone untapped, especially those with existing experience in data science and machine learning. With that knowledge, I saw an opportunity to serve many of the CEO and CTOs I’d met who were searching for ways to either launch or scale their AI initiatives. In the same light, my desire to be a servant to underrepresented communities inspired me to find opportunities to the plethora of talented AI practitioners I had met.”

Darius earned an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York City, where he specialized in tech investing and entrepreneurship. He received a Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting from Illinois Wesleyan University. Darius previously worked as a CPA for Big 4 accounting firm, KPMG, before becoming an investment banker.

In addition to his background as a financier, Darius enjoyed a life as a professional basketball player. He also launched his first business at the age of 23 where he learned the hustle required to run a business, as well as the importance of access to resources. Darius currently lives in Medellin, Colombia and Los Angeles, California.