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AI Strategy

Experts in Data Science and Machine Learning

Can your AI-driven product idea be brought to life? Having trouble getting your ML model into production?  With several years of practical experience building AI products, our AI strategists are highly skilled at solving issues anywhere in your ML pipeline.  Our work as former founders and entrepreneurs provide us additional insight into what could be built vs what should be built – what’s a moonshot idea vs. what adds practical value for the end user.

Data Labeling

The accuracy of your data labels determines the quality of your predictions

We enable high-paid data scientists to focus on the toughest problems by relieving them of mundane data labeling responsibilities.  We combine human labelers (data analysts) with internal tools which improve velocity and accuracy of the labeling cycle.  Our expertise in data science enables us to anticipate the needs of your data science team’s needs.

Custom AI-Based Software Development

In a rapidly evolving market, speed to delivery is your best friend

Finding and organizing the right team with the right skillset to properly build and deploy an AI solution is tough.  From data analyst to machine learning engineer to python developer, our packaged talent enables you to get to market and remain ahead the competition (and/or fundraising goals).  

Staff Augmentation

We solve issues related to the shortage and high cost of AI engeering talent

Our access and relationships with experienced Latin American talent provide unique opportunities for our partners to work with top quality AI engineers who collaborate in the same time zone.  Focused on long-term staffing, we accelerate your ability to scale your team while avoiding the pains of time zone delays and/or an exploded engineering budget.

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