Transforming Businesses and Ensuring Security With AI

Transforming Businesses and Ensuring Security With AI – This week’s guest on our podcast is Pankit Desai, founder of Sequretek, a leading Enterprise Security Technology company. Pankit shares his insights on how AI is transforming businesses and why security is crucial in today’s digital age.

Pankit shares his insights into the ever-evolving world of technology and its profound impact on businesses and society. He also takes us on a journey through the waves of technological advancements he has witnessed throughout his career, from crowdsourcing to digital transformation.

The conversation then turns to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into businesses and organizations. Pankit highlights the prerequisites for AI success: data, compute capacity, and connectivity. They explore how these prerequisites have made AI more accessible, paving the way for its positive impact on various aspects of life. 

With a focus on security, Pankit shares his expertise in applying AI to tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving threat landscape. He emphasizes the limitations of siloed security solutions and reveals how AI can provide real-time threat identification and response without additional manpower.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in business and organizations.

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