Harnessing Technology for Community Building


Harnessing Technology for Community Building


Welcome to our latest podcast episode on harnessing technology for community building. We are excited to have Harold Hughes, the visionary founder of Bandwagon, as our guest today.

Harold shares his journey from being a first-generation American in South Carolina to becoming a tech entrepreneur in Austin, Texas. Inspired by his experiences at Radio Shack and driven by a passion for uniting people. 

In this episode, we will dive deep into the exceptional work of Bandwagon, a technology-based solution to break down barriers and foster community through the love of sports.

We delve into the concept of affinity groups and community building, exploring how harnessing technology for community building creates meaningful connections among people from diverse backgrounds.

Their platform allows fans to access exclusive content, join fan clubs, and celebrate their favorite teams, regardless of geographical limitations.

Discover how Harold’s vision bridges gaps and builds a stronger community, empowering individuals to engage, support, and understand one another better.

In addition to Bandwagon, Harold discusses his latest innovation, Poet (Proof of Experience Token). Poet allows artists and athletes to invite their fans to submit content directly to their pages, with commercial rights belonging to the creators themselves.

This innovative approach empowers entertainers and athletes to control their brand while enabling fans to share their experiences and build deeper connections with their favorite icons.

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