Bridging the Gap in Group Travel Booking and Weddings

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In this episode, we speak with Amy Jarczynski, founder and CEO of Kiss & Tell, a wedding and travel booking platform that aims to revolutionize the way guests communicate and manage group travel bookings.

Amy shares her background and how her experiences working in consumer tech inspired her to create a platform that solves the pain points of booking and managing group travel.

Amy talks about how Kiss & Tell was created in response to the dissatisfaction of guests with the current personal wedding website model and how her previous work at the Knot in travel and international partnerships gave her the insight to know that the key to getting everyone to a wedding or gathering was tying everyone together in a social conversation.

We also discuss how Kiss & Tell is making a difference for the Latino community, with the company being nominated by angel investors for the first-ever Google for Startups Latino Founders Fund and winning. This partnership has led to Kiss & Tell becoming a perk for all of Google’s 300,000 plus employees, offering a free engagement trip if they book their wedding with Kiss & Tell.

Amy shares her experiences as a Latina and a female in tech and how it has influenced the company’s mission to include underrepresented folks in the products and pain points they are solving. She also talks about Kiss & Tell’s solutions, which include building and booking event venues, packages, and group stays, as well as communication tools such as segmented group conversations like WhatsApp. Lastly, we get some insights into how she finds diverse talent and how long-standing networks exist for different demographics.

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