Empowering Women Through Technology

Empowering Women Through Technology


In this episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Mariana, a Peruvian entrepreneur, and her mission to promote diversity and create opportunities to empower women through technology.

Join us as we explore the origins of Laboratoria, a tech-based education and job placement company founded by Mariana and her partner. After returning to Peru to marry and start a business, Mariana’s passion for merging technology and social impact led to the birth of Laboratoria.

Discover how Laboratoria’s goal to provide tech education, job placement, and mentorship for underprivileged youth has transformed the lives of disadvantaged young people, fostering inclusion and diversity in the tech sector.

 As Laboratoria’s web shop thrived, Mariana and her partner faced a significant challenge in building a diverse team of software developers. Recognizing the scarcity of such talent and the lack of diversity in the field, they seized the opportunity to empower women in tech. Hear Mariana’s firsthand experiences of attending male-dominated tech meetups and the inspiration behind creating Labia, a boot camp designed to equip women with the skills needed to embark on successful careers in software development.

Join us as Mariana reflects on the changing landscape of software engineering in Peru and the positive impact that Laboratoria and Labia have had in bridging the gender gap. Learn how they have shattered stereotypes and inspired thousands of women to pursue careers in tech, creating a more inclusive and vibrant future.

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