The Future of Compliance and Security with AI

Join us as we explore the captivating realm of compliance and discover the Future of Compliance and Security with AI with Rachael Greaves, the co-founder of Castlepoint, a pioneering tech firm. Discover Rachael’s inspirational journey, beginning with her early career at Hitachi Data Systems and her love for storage systems through to her move into the audit. Frustrated by the industry’s continual shortcomings in compliance and security practices, Rachael’s visionary spirit and Gavin McKay’s expertise led to the development of an AI-driven approach. Their consulting company became a product company, meeting the critical demand for advanced technology solutions to enable entities to meet their compliance obligations, whether in government or private industries.

Castlepoint shows us the Future of Compliance and Security with AI providing a unique lens, combining policy expertise with technical proficiency to protect assets and ensure compliance with security regulations. Audits, reviews, and risk assessments are just a few of the services they offer to help companies stay secure and compliant.

Furthermore, Rachael sheds light on the challenges organizations face in managing data and systems effectively.

With the ever-growing volume and speed of data generation and the multitude of systems in use, finding a solution that balances secure data management without compromising user, system, and network performance is a daunting task. 

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